Tax AdviceThe quality of consulting comes from experience and competence, good will and a fancy title are not enough!

I regularly get astonished looks when I answer the question about my professional specialization with “Taking Meta-Perspectives”. In fact, there are some subjects that I deal with frequently and intensively – however my clients mostly benefit from my holistic and sustainable perception of their company. Through personal conversations and close observation, I collect a number of puzzle pieces which, thanks to my many years of experience and dual qualifications, form a meaningful context. On this basis I find practicable solutions and concrete consulting approaches which have fiscal and legal validity.

The timely and legally binding completion of your tax and/or business duties are therefore only one part of my service portfolio. This aspect is extremely important and often represents a critical part in terms of success for your business, both in the past and the present.

Your personal or business visions and plans for the future, however, are often only represented very rudimentary in terms of tax law. I support you based on the insights of my meta-vision from the first visualization to the final specification of your plans. Together we will turn your ideas into reality – the simple continuation of the status quo is certainly not one of your motivational drivers …

What gives me a great sense of personal pride is that even fellow tax advisers and lawyers regularly seek my advice due to my “double-perspective”.

private individuals

I advise private individuals on all tax and legal issues and find a sustainable and legally compliant solution even for very complicated cases.


Businesses benefit from my double qualification because, thanks to my broad perspective, I keep an eye on details that which may at first seem trivial but have the potential to grow into existence endangering obstacles.

Objections and Court Proceedings

My qualifications are also very much in demand in the area of ​​Objections and Court Proceedings: on your behalf, I conduct the required objections and financial court proceedings with all the means available in our tax and legal system to do justice to you as an entrepreneur, citizen and taxpayer.

Business succession

Business succession is one of the biggest challenges of a business, regardless of size, history, location and type of business. The success or failure of this intergenerational linkage depends on many factors that need to be clarified and prepared in advance. Retrospectively it is often only possible to limit damage. A holistic approach, a detailed overview of the expectations, honest and unbiased communication of all participants and an unsentimental decision-making are among the steps that I would like to plan in detail with you.

Make an appointment now!Where others see a problem, I offer legal competence, experience and fresh ideas.
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