Tax DeclarationIn tax declarations, matters are legally manifested, which were previously outlined in the context of professional consultation.

My advice in advance of the preparation of a tax return does not only includes the examination of a number of facts and figures but also serves as a strategic consideration for your private and/or entrepreneurial intentions. We will talk intensively about all the necessary aspects and deal with the medium and long-term milestones of your life plan. Based on the jointly developed goals, my tax law is then customized through linking different requirements and interests to a success-oriented approach. Thanks to my double qualification as a tax consultant and lawyer, my clients can immediately respond to errors of the tax authorities through appeals and complaints.

Tax Declaration for private individuals

Due to judicial changes private individuals can now profit from certain measures to reduce bureaucracy and faster processes thanks to progressive digitization, these advantages are often negligible due to the steady inflow of new regulations. Do not be fooled: Even if your tax situation, in your own estimation, is comparatively simple the tax authorities often find it convenient to complicate matters. I approach tax declarations with passion and all my know-how, turning the tide in your favour and giving you additional tax benefits.

Tex Declaration for Businesses

Businesses of all sizes, even if they are sole traders or freelancers, depend on an experienced tax adviser. Even for SMEs there are so many pitfalls that lurk which have the potential to quickly endanger the entire existence of the business if not managed adequately. On the other hand, there are numerous opportunities to reduce the individual tax burden in such a way that businesses and entrepreneurs can focus on achieving their vision with full vigor while being confident that my they are operation with a solid financial foundation. A professionally written tax declaration thus represents an extremely important pillar in terms of stability and reliably protects you and your business.

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