Business ManagementWithout a business approach, any entrepreneurial commitment will be doomed to failure sooner or later!

Every company, every self-employed person, every freelancer – irrespective of industry and business purpose – has to act in a sensible business sense. The skillful balancing of revenues and expenditures, investments and withdrawals, visionary planning and the challenges of daily business life is one of the most demanding tasks of our economic system and decides mercilessly over the success or failure of an entrepreneurial idea.

start-up consultancy

As part of a start-up consultancy, we can anticipate the future viability and prospects of your project well before and avoid any dead ends before you invest valuable time and money. Which company form is best? Are there any sponsorship or mentoring programs that you can benefit from? Do you need an additional qualifications or certifications? How do you make ends meet financially in the first few months and years? Of course, there are numerous other questions that you should consider yourself as a future founder – please contact me directly.

The professional preparation of a convincing and sustainable business plan is not only one of the absolute prerequisites to be heard by banks, but often opens doors to many state subsidies, institutional and private investors. My comprehensive advice ensures that you clearly deliver your business goals, identify additional opportunities, and have the opportunity to identify which corrections and/or additions should be made.

I offer a wide range of options which can be customized to your needs which I would like to take a close look at together with you. Together we can identify your needs, find solutions and engage in a speedy implementation. Contact me directly to take the important first step.

business plan

Make an appointment now!Where others see a problem, I offer legal competence, experience and fresh ideas.
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